If you are sitting and have the ability to get up, I invite you to stand up now and actively learn about Netwalking®.

Netwalking benefits quality of life; leading to happiness, satisfaction, meaningful life and a more connected place. Netwalking facilitates a more personal way to improve overall well-being, increase focus and productivity, motivate, and enhance relationships while exchanging ideas and achieving new opportunities.

Netwalking is a one of a kind meeting experience offering an enjoyable way to network and build your social capital. It’s not only healthy to breathe in fresh air and stand up, but on the netwalk you discover beauty on every corner, something you wouldn’t have noticed if you were in an indoor meeting space or just walking by yourself.

 Netwalking provides:

  • Netwalked routes designed to meet your specific needs with community nuances catered to the audience’s interest.
  • Netwalks custom designed “walking meeting rooms” tailoring to the mission of your event and workplace culture.
  • Led group walk with designated breaks to foster social interactions.
  • Introductions. Being introduced invites you into the conversation and makes you feel like part of the group.
  • Conversation starters to spark discussion.
  • Meeting space to pitch your product and service.
  • Help developing an agenda to accomplish your goals and amplify your message on your time frame.
  • Inclusivity for all fitness levels and abilities.
  • For additional insight into netwalking benefits, check out the About Us page.

Walking to network is about building meaningful personal and financial relationships for success. A good network improves health, a longer life, a sense of meaning, fulfillment, and the ability to contribute to the world.

Be a part of a movement that is quietly spreading through the business world. Design your meetings with people in mind by building Netwalking Meeting Rooms into your agenda and workplace.

Testimonials of our happy clients.

“Jessica thought of everything – from the route to the weather to the best way to network while walking. She was easy to work with, always smiling, and made it more fun than we had planned. I highly recommend Jessica to other event organizers.”
“Who knew that something so simple as talking a walk with someone could spark such great and engaging conversations? I think more meetings should incorporate walking to get the oxygen flowing to the brains so great and creative ideas can emerge. It’s healthy, innovative and creative.”
“I met Jess in Sweden on the Smart Living Challenge and she jumped straight in there getting us Netwalking. Jess is great at breaking down the barriers to conversation with her easy relaxed style, she creates an environment to open conversations that can lead where ever you want them to go. Netwalking is great idea that uses the outdoors in a really creative and positive way that can help you personally and professionally.”